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Lynnette Weaver


The final assignment drop-off will be Monday, May 18.  The only thing needed to be returned for Head Start is the enrollment form. If you haven’t already, please return the Green Enrollment sheet on the 18th so your child will be placed in a classroom next year. We will have Snow cones at the 10-12pm time, Monday. Free to our students but you can pay for any additional snow cones. Meal pick-up will continue on the current schedule until further notice. :) 

There are educational sites for the children to utilize under the educational website tab on my webpage. Please continue learning throughout the summer. Thank you for staying positive and doing your part!


Well the year ended in a most non-fun way. To my students:

“I miss you all tremendously!  I can’t wait to catch up on our hugs and special handshakes!!  I miss hearing your sweet little voices and watching y’all laugh and enjoy playing and learning.  I look forward to when we will see each other again!  Have a safe, fun, and wonderful Summer!  I love you bunches!!” 

Love, Mrs. Weaver


Lynnette Weaver

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