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All students taking a foreign language class or any other academic class on PLATO – this is for YOU!

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You must complete your work in your assigned classes. Grades will be checked each Wednesday. 



Overton ISD will release a statement concerning school closings each Thursday afternoon after a weekly meeting with local health officials and area school superintendents. At this time, the decision will be made weekly, but there may come a time when the district will announce a longer closure if required by circumstances. I cannot express strongly enough that we do not know exactly how long we will be this time it could be a week or it could be longer.


If OISD is closed next week, we will begin providing sack lunches for students from 10 AM-Noon each day. Simply go to the circular drive used for afternoon pickups (between the weight room and the High School Gym) and a lunch will be brought to the car by an employee.


OISD will continue to provide opportunities for students to do assignments during any prolonged closure. Please understand that these are unique times and we are working through a process that has never been needed in the past. The following is the plan for delivering assignments to students if the closure extends into next week and beyond.


1. Each Wednesday teachers will post assignments to their internet platforms (Google classroom, Study Island, etc.) Students and parents will be informed on how to access this information via Remind, texts, phone calls, emails, and teacher websites.

2. Students/parents who cannot access the assignments electronically will have the opportunity to receive the assignments in a paper format.

****Each Monday from 10 AM until Noon, in conjunction with the free lunch pickup, students/parents can enter the normal pick-up line in the circular drive between the weight room and High School gym and employees will bring the sack lunch and assignments to the car. Students/parents will remain in the car and employees will be wearing gloves as they deliver the lunch/assignments.

****Another opportunity for picking up assignments will be from 5 PM until 7 PM on Mondays at the same location as mentioned above.

****Finally, if students/parents cannot pick up the assignments at either of the above times, they may contact the teacher or campus principal and the assignments will be delivered to the home address.


When assignments are completed they can be returned through the pickup line or will be picked up at the home if needed. We will put the returned assignments in an isolation box until the viability time of the virus has passed and then the assignments will be graded and the grades recorded in the teachers' grade books.


Obviously, we'd all prefer a traditional classroom setting but until we receive guidance from TEA or the State concerning returning to a normal schedule we are going to do the best we can to provide an appropriate education to our students.


We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through this process. I'm sure there will be glitches as we implement this plan, but we will work everything out and will always do our best to continue to serve our students and the community. Communication will be the key to being successful in this endeavor. Contact your child's teacher via email ( with any questions about assignments.

Overton High School students will meet or exceed current and future challenges to develop social awareness, civic responsibility and personal academic growth.                        

Updates on Special Education 2020

Updates on Special Education - Spanish

Aiding Students Who Have Learning Difficulties or Who Need Special Education or Section 504 Services

For those students who are having difficulty in the regular classroom, all school districts and open enrollment charter schools must consider tutorial, compensatory, and other academic or behavior support services that are available to all students, including a process based on Response to Intervention (RtI). The implementation of RtI has the potential to have a positive impact on the ability of districts and charter schools to meet the needs of all struggling students.

If a student is experiencing learning difficulties, his or her parent may contact the individual(s) listed below to learn about the school’s overall general education referral or screening system for support services. This system links students to a variety of support options, including making a referral for a special education evaluation or for a Section 504 evaluation to determine if the student needs specific aids, accommodations, or services.  A parent may request an evaluation for special education or Section 504 services at any time.

Special Education Referrals:

If a parent makes a written request for an initial evaluation for special education services to the director of special education services or an administrative employee of the school district or open enrollment charter school, the district or charter school must respond no later than 15 school days after receiving the request. At that time, the district or charter school must give the parent a prior written notice of whether it agrees to or refuses to evaluate the student, along with a copy of the Notice of Procedural Safeguards.  If the school district or charter school agrees to evaluate the student, it must also give the parent the opportunity to give written consent for the evaluation.


If the district or charter school decides to evaluate the student, it must complete the student’s initial evaluation and evaluation report no later than 45 school days from the day it receives a parent’s written consent to evaluate the student.  However, if the student is absent from school during the evaluation period for three or more school days, the evaluation period will be extended by the number of school days equal to the number of school days that the student is absent.


There is an exception to the 45-school-day timeline.  If a district or charter school receives a parent’s consent for the initial evaluation at least 35 but less than 45 school days before the last instructional day of the school year, it must complete the written report and provide a copy of the report to the parent by June 30 of that year. However, if the student is absent from school for three or more days during the evaluation period, the June 30th due date no longer applies. Instead, the general timeline of 45 school days plus extensions for absences of three or more days will apply.


Upon completing the evaluation, the district or charter school must give the parent a copy of the evaluation report at no cost.

Additional information regarding special education is available from the district or charter school in a companion document titled Parent’s Guide to the Admission, Review, and Dismissal Process

Contact Person for Special Education Referrals:

The designated person to contact regarding options for a student experiencing learning difficulties or regarding a referral for evaluation for special education services is:

Contact Person: Sandra Boles

Phone Number: 903-657-9761

Section 504 Referrals:

Each school district or charter school must have standards and procedures in place for the evaluation and placement of students in the district’s or charter school’s Section 504 program. Districts and charter schools must also implement a system of procedural safeguards that includes notice, an opportunity for a parent or guardian to examine relevant records, an impartial hearing with an opportunity for participation by the parent or guardian and representation by counsel, and a review procedure.


Contact Person for Section 504 Referrals:

The designated person to contact regarding options for a student experiencing learning difficulties or regarding a referral for evaluation for Section 504 services is:

Contact Person: Cindy Bundrick

Phone Number: 903-834-6143

Additional Information:

The following websites provide information and resources for students with disabilities and their families.


Overton High/Middle School 

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Tutorials           7:30 - 7:55

1st Period        8:00 - 8:45

2nd Period        8:49 - 9:34

3rd Period        9:38 - 10:23

4th Period        10:27 - 11:12

5th Period        11:16 - 12:01

Lunch              12:05 - 12:35

MM                  12:40 - 1:00

6th Period        1:04 - 1:49

7th Period        1:53 - 2:40

8th Period        2:44 - 3:30

Tutorials          3:30 - 4:00

Team Academic UIL Practice or extended tutorial time  4:00 - 5:00





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