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RE: Universal Availability AnnualNotice - 403(b) Final Regulations Sponsor:

FirstFinancial Administrators, Inc. is pleased to provide you with your annualnotification for use by employers that sponsor 403(b) plans. The IRS regulations require Plan Sponsors of 403(b) plans to provide all eligibleemployees with an opportunity to make elective deferrals into the plan. This rule is known as the "UniversalAvailability" requirement. In order for this deferral opportunity to be considered effective, anemployee must be able to make an initial deferral election or change an existing deferral election at leastonce during each plan year.

Onemethod by which you can comply with this requirement is to distribute a noticeto employees on anannual basis. The notice should tell employees of their right to make andchange their deferral elections and detail any requirements for making suchelections - such as when elections must be made. In order to assist Plan Sponsors we have created the attached. The notice needs tobe distributed to all eligible employees.

Additionally,if an individual becomes eligible to participate in the plan sometime duringthe plan year, he or she should receive the notice as soon as administrativelypossible.

Please referto our website address www.ffga.com for allof your plan information such as: approved vendors, summary of options, duedates, forms, and your Retirement Specialist name, number and email.

This noticeis also being produced in Spanish and will be sent as soon as it becomesavailable.


Thank you for providing FirstFinancial Administrators, Inc. with the opportunity to be of service to you.

If you have anyquestions, please contact your Retirement Specialist at 800-523-8422.


Thank you,


Carol Fountain

Assistant Vice President

Manager, RetirementServices

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